Web Hosting Services

CDCG offers shared web hosting services.  Contact us for more information.

CDCG Document Writing and Proposal Development

Need assistance with document writing (technical / nontechnical) and/or proposal development?  CDCG can provide.  Let us assist.  We can provide new perspective and external knowledge.  Contact us for more information.

CDCG Strategic Consulting

CDCG is experienced in assisting you with your strategic efforts.  Not sure about your strategic direction/plan or at a sticking point?  Then let CDCG help.  We can:

  • Create/review strategic plans
  • Provide brainstorming assistance
  • Provide guidance on the latest technologies
  • Assist with designing your capabilities
  • Act as a "Red Team" to take a critical look at what you are doing or planning
  • And much more...


Contact us to see how we can help.



CDCG Workforce Support

CDCG can assist you with your cyber workforce needs; whether full time, part time, 1099, and/or intern.  By cyber workforce, we mean those skills centered around information, communications, computers, information assurance, software and the like.  We are in the process of establishing a job support website.  Contact us for more information.

Technology Scout

Have an idea and need assistance in finding the right technology to enable your idea?  Then CDCG can help.  Don't want your competition to know what technology you are looking for?  Then CDCG can help.  CDCG can assist you in finding and/or developing the information technology to support your needs.  Contact us for more information.

VOSB Certification

Ponder This...

Are You Using Social Software?  Whether for you or your organization / business, social software is pioneering new and faster ways to collaborate, share information, and get assistance.  You need to be part of it.

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