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As a company that focuses on the cyber domain we want to lead the way in having a workforce that benefits from and leverages the concepts of the cyber domain.  We have created a unique approach that is based on a "just-in-time workforce."  Our just-in-time workforce is comprised of full time, part time, and 1099 workers that perform assigned task physically at organization locations and/or virtually (tele-commuting).  This construct works seamlessly supporting CDCG's tasks and needs of its customers.

CDCG recognizes that our workforce is our most important asset.  We want to help you succeed at home and in life, and our benefits program reflects our long-term commitment to you. Designed to address all stages of life, the CDCG benefits program covers traditional areas and beyond.  Additionally, CDCG has excellent career and personal development opportunities.

In addition to hiring personnel to fill our requirements, we assist companies in finding talented people and helping individual find excellent companies to work for.  We are finalizing our online registration system that will allow companies and individuals to enter their requirements.  If you would like to be notified when our system goes live, please send us an email.


CDCG is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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