Communications and Networking

One set of our core competencies are in the communications and networking technology area.  CDCG can install, integrate, operate, train, and maintain local, campus, and “short/long term” deployable area network segments, communications, and information systems.  We can assist our customer with the level of support they require. This includes direct support by providing the ICT services and manpower and/or indirect where we just provide consulting services. The choice is yours.

Our cyber domain approach means we're equally concerned about the underpinning ICT architecture, the applications, the data and information, and business processes (how you use it all). You need to be as equally concerned. If these areas are not in a correct balance supporting your business and its processes, you are wasting time, money, and man-hours.

Our core architecture approach in establishing a communications and networking environment for an organization is what we call an "open ICT environment." An open ICT environment consists of open standards, open formats, open data strategy, open interfaces, and open source technologies. We can provide a solution where the customer completely owns the ICT environment, outsources the environment, or a combination of the two.

If you are a new startup organization and are open to how you will implement your ICT environment, we will recommend our open ICT environment approach. If an existing organization, we can help you map your existing ICT environment to an open ICT environment or we can assist in enhancing and/or upgrading your existing environment. Once again, the choice is yours.

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