Core Values

We believe it's critical for a company to have a set of core values and for the customer to know them.  We will live by these values and you should expect no less.  Our core values:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Treat every person with dignity and respect

Core Business Model

We are focused on realizing the full benefits of the cyber domain. By focusing on the cyber domain vice the underpinning ICT infrastructure, we shift the focus from traditional ICT infrastructure solutions to cyber domain solutions. We look at both the business approach (how to best utilize the cyber domain) and from the technology approach (how best to posture within the cyber domain).  Together this provides you a new approach to "classical" IT solutions.  The implementation of this approach is what we call the Cyberstructure Network.TM

The Cyberstructure NetworkTM along with CDCG's overall approach in providing solutions and services are grounded in three fundamental principles:

  • Agility
  • Innovation
  • Operational Excellence

We work with individuals and organizations to encourage the adoption of open standards, formats, and interfaces, and data interoperability that lead to the creation of a dynamic interoperable framework decoupling individuals and organizations from "proprietary stovepipes" and thus creating their ability to operate "freely" across the cyber domain.

We couple this philosophy and approach with open source software solutions enabling individuals and organizations to better apply their limited Information & Communication Technology (ICT) dollars for a better ROI and a reduction in TCO.

Customer Interaction

We believe it's important to empower the customer.  By this we mean the CDCG site will provide you with the tools and knowledge that will empower you to implement any and all of our cyber domain offerings, we can assist, or we can do it for you.  What's important is that the choice is yours.



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Ponder This...

Are You Using Social Software?  Whether for you or your organization / business, social software is pioneering new and faster ways to collaborate, share information, and get assistance.  You need to be part of it.

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